Your Business Presence Online-A Must

The online world is constantly changing and evolving. Needless to say, so is the world of marketing and best practices to reach current, new and future customers. Social media keeps growing and the importance of your business being on social media is as well. Some people think with their business being in a certain industry it doesn’t require being on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Or that being in a smaller community, it wouldn’t benefit them as most of their new customers come from word of mouth from a friend or family member.

Search for businesses that are like yours and see what results come up. Who has a website? Who is on social media? What do these look like? The impact of social media extends from small to large businesses and organizations and not being able to find you online greatly limits your exposure to potential customers. Most people search online for a product, service, business, etc., rather than call around to find the information they are looking for. We all do it, as we have our phone in our hands or close by throughout the day.

This is why your business, no matter where it’s located, what product or service you provide and what industry you’re in, MUST be easy to find online. Your business should have a Google Business Profile, an updated and informative website, detailed and engaging social media accounts and follow various other groups and businesses that are relevant to yours and where business relationships can grow and flourish.

Don’t know where or how to start? Connect with me and I can help!