Why Your Website Matters

Maintaining your website allows for more traffic to come through to you. People will be able to notice quickly if it’s current and relevant to their needs.

Websites use to be a more static item, something a business should start with when launching. It was a place for potential customers to see what a business was all about and where it was located. From there a customer could contact you for more information or to buy your product/use your service. It was a one-time-creation type of thing that then sat online, as the business owner hoped people would find it and then pursue a purchase.

As time evolved, social media began and it was the new place to be for businesses. A place to showcased products, services, business information, how to reach the business and so on. Social media had replaced the website. Many business owners have now concentrated more effort on their social media platforms than updating and maintaining their website. I believe that social media should be used for current, inspirational, upcoming events and items of interest, however these platforms should always peak a customer’s interest to want to learn more, by navigating to the business’s website. All current and updated information about the business should be available on their website, which should be easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye just as much as their social media pages.

The result of social media posts should ultimately be to have people reach out to you and want to know more about your business, meaning leading them to your website. All about your business is then presented there, developed and organized in a neat and tidy way. Easy to read, find, navigate on with interesting content and images that keep that person there longer.

Social media is important, no doubt about that, and will remain important for years to come. However that doesn’t mean that your website no longer is.

Although creating a website on your own can be cost effective and somewhat easy to navigate, people often only realize the time involved once they’ve started (especially if done well). I help business owners and nonprofits create their websites, update them and make sure that Google is friends with them. SEO practices are a whole other (always changing) huge topic but are very valuable and key to having people find your website more easily when using a search engine such as Google. I implement these practices when designing and updating your website so that more people can discover your fabulous products and services!

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