Website Provider Information

Here’s some helpful information if you’re wondering what website provider to use for your business’s website. A printable version can be downloaded below.



  • Variety of features and templates to use
  • Drag and drop text/images, resize content and place anywhere on page easily
  • Can be straightforward to use on your own if kept simple or can get more complex 
  • Extensive help and FAQ’s library of questions and articles for support


  • Once a theme is picked cannot change it
  • Mobile might need adjustments as it’s sometimes a different look then the desktop view
  • Basic SEO (search engine optimization) to get noticed on Google/Bing search engines but still works

Recommended plans (prices reflective of March 2022):

Unlimited (for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers) 17.50$/month

Includes free domain name for a year (15$ after the year is up per year), custom domain, removed Wix ads, 10 GB of storage, 1 hour of video, 24/7 customer care.

Business Basic (if accepting online orders and payments) 25$/month

Includes the same as above plan but with 20 GB of storage, 5 hours of video, secure online payments, customer accounts, unlimited products.



  • More SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and opportunities
  • Variety of templates and layouts (great for blogging, lots of written content and portfolio showing)
  • Provides a lot of security options with certain plans
  • Extensive help and support through articles and FAQ’s 


  • Templates and layout of content has a few options but not always fully customizable the way you want
  • Can get very complex if wanting to develop the website more on your own
  • If using for ecommerce/online selling, more complicated than others (such as Shopify)

Recommended plans (prices reflective of March 2022):

Premium (For Freelancers) 10$/month if buying a yearly plan (cheaper than monthly)

Includes free domain for a year, no ads, premium themes, upload videos, Google analytics integration, collect payments.

Business (Small Businesses) 33$/month if buying a yearly plan (cheaper than monthly)

Includes all above as well as plug-ins which increase site visibility and functionality (50 000 plugins)



  • Create beautiful and professional looking site
  • Great for visual industries to showcase portfolios, products, etc.
  • Great live chat
  • Customization options efficient for general purposes of a website
  • Easy to add to when changes are to be made


  • Fewer customization options (some things can only be put in certain areas)
  • Doesn’t allow for full creativity to customize the way you might want
  • More costly than other providers

Recommended plan (prices reflective of March 2022):

Business 23$/month if buying a yearly plan (cheaper than monthly)

Includes customized domain name for a year (pay after that), 30 minutes of video storage, SEO features, mobile-friendly, professional email from Google for a year, advanced website analytics, 3% transaction fee for online payment/shopping, sell unlimited products, accept donations, sell digital gift cards.

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