Social media, website support, training and photography services

I provide different marketing packages and services that fit your needs and goals. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Connect with me and we can talk about how marketing packages can be customized for you and your business.

Website Support

I provide website design and content updating support. Once we discuss together what design style you want for your website and the content you want showcased to your viewers, I can design and create a website that reflects your business or nonprofit to best serve your customers and clients. Easy to navigate, accurate and current information, well laid out pages and enticing pictures will be added to reflect why people should choose you for their needs. We will implement SEO practices to be more easily and quickly found online.
Website design and support is completed at an hourly rate.

Social Media Marketing

I support your business or organization with all your social media needs. I provide fresh guidance and support in how to customize your marketing efforts, assist in reaching the people in the communities near you and beyond with your posts, help in creating marketing strategy calendars, and collaborate with you on how to grow your overall marketing efforts. I offer short-term and long-term social media services.

Content creation for businesses

Content Creation

I assist you with designing fresh and consistent content for your business or organization’s social media platforms and other marketing material. We can collaborate together to create, improve, or grow your social media presence in meaningful and impactful ways. Variety is key, making it personal and connecting with your audience in order to best serve and provide for their needs. Now more than ever, the place to be is online. So let’s do it by working together to grow your presence in the community and surrounding areas, and reach those who would benefit from the products and services you provide.

Training social media

Training Support

Do you want to learn more about how to create, design, maintain and expand your online presence? If you want to grow your understanding and knowledge on website design and maintenance as well as how to better use your social media platforms, training and tutorial support is here for you. Training is provided in-person at your business location or favorite coffee shop, is hands-on, practical, informative, supportive and effective. Years of facilitating and teaching technology to adults along with a patient and learner centered approach makes this possible.

A few examples of support provided in training sessions:

  • Website design support and maintenance: user-friendly experience best practices, SEO, content creation support and brainstorming, publishing and updating
  • Social media support: platform setup guidance, creating engaging content, explanation and practice of creating posts, stories, reels, live video, etc., optimizing “About” and other sections, hashtag brainstorming and list creation, importance of partnerships and collaborating with other local businesses (groups, pages, articles, etc.), commenting and sharing as your business page
  • Google Business Profile creation and updating
  • Canva account setup, introduction and walk-through for template, image, branding purposes
  • Optimizing online promotional sites (local and global)

This is a small list of training and tutorial support provided. Contact me with your training needs and we can collaborate!

Photography for marketing purposes

Photography Services

Do you want fresh, original images that highlight your business? Are you tired of using stock images that don’t really represent your business well? I provide photography services to make your products pop and shine online. Get new, updated, and clean images to display your products, staff, office, etc. I can capture your business or organization in action to tell the story you want others to know; the real, the now, the true experience and service customers can expect from you. A small travel cost could occur if outside of the High River/Okotoks area.

Let’s talk and see what I can do for you!